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Asus ROG Phone 7

Especificações do Portátil

Asus ROG Phone 7
Asus ROG Phone 7 (ROG Phone 7 Serie)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 8 x 2 - 3.2 GHz, Cortex-X3 / A715 / A710 / A510 (Kryo)
Placa gráfica
12 GB 
, or 16GB
6.78 polegadas 20:9, 2448 x 1080 pixel 395 PPI, Capacitive, AMOLED, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, Brilhante: sim, HDR, 165 Hz
Disco rígido
256GB / 512GB
USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Conexões Audio: 3.5mm, 1 Leitor de Impressões Digitais, NFC, Sensores: accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
Funcionamento em rede
Wi-Fi 7 (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6/ Wi-Fi 6E 6 GHz be = Wi-Fi 7), Bluetooth 5.3, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, 5G, Dual SIM, GPS
altura x largura x profundidade (em mm): 10.3 x 173 x 77
6000 mAh Lítio-Polímero
Sistema Operativo
Android 13
Primary Camera: 50 MPix Triple: 50MP (f/1.9, 24mm, 1.0µm) + 13MP (f/2.2, 13mm) + 5MP (f/2.0)
Secondary Camera: 32 MPix f/2.5, 29mm, 0.7µm
Características adicionais
Teclado: OnScreen
239 g



Pontuação Média: 91.5% - muito bom
Média de 8 pontos (das 21 análises)

Análises para o Asus ROG Phone 7

Asus ROG Phone 7 Display test
Origem: DxOMark Inglês EN→PT
The Asus ROG Phone 7’s display performance was overall very good, mainly thanks to its touch capabilities, which are important for a device marketed for gaming. In that regard, the ROG Phone 7 screen’s responsiveness to the touch was always accurate. In addition, the smartphone handled scrolling the Web or gaming smoothly and comfortably. However, the screen did have a tendency to show visible aliasing and stutter while playing video games, which diminished the overall gaming experience. In another use case — watching videos — the device was unable to smoothly play the videos at 60 frames per second without mismatching frames. Otherwise, when the device was used in indoor lighting conditions, the screen’s brightness was always well-managed and did not require any manual adjustments for playing video games, scrolling or just viewing photos.
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 08/23/2023
Asus ROG Phone 7 Smartphone Review
Origem: OI Spice Tech News Inglês EN→PT
The Asus ROG Phone 7 smartphone provides a flagship gaming experience without any compromises. To back up the performance, ASUS has added the highest-grade cooling possible in a smartphone along with a huge battery that will keep your gaming session for hours. The display is also fabulous and so is its camera. No matter which game you are trying to play on your smartphone, you can rely easily on knowing it will run smoothly. Even day-to-day applications will run great, thanks to the lightweight stock interface. The only thing it lacks is wireless charging however, you can’t charge wirelessly when playing games anyway, so we understand why ASUS chose not to add it to the smartphone. Overall, it is a fantastic smartphone but if you want an alternative to ROG Phone 7 that is also equally powerful or more, then you should look for the Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro smartphone which comes in a similar price range and specifications.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 06/18/2023
Asus ROG Phone 7 Battery test
Origem: DxOMark Inglês EN→PT
The Asus ROG Phone 7 performed well in our battery test protocol and ranked in the top part of our database. Although the ROG Phone 7 behaved very much like the Asus ROG Phone 6, its scores were below its predecessor, especially in autonomy and efficiency because of higher discharge currents. With a huge 6000mAh battery, the autonomy of the Asus ROG Phone 7 was excellent, providing three full days when used moderately. But when testing individual usages, the device struggled when listening to music. Other usages showed very good performances, especially when calling, streaming video and using the camera on-the-go, but they did not reach the autonomy of the Asus ROG Phone 6. The autonomy when gaming was also quite good, even though it, too, was slightly less than its predecessor. The ROG Phone 7’s charging experience was good, taking only 1 hour to replenish the large battery.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 06/16/2023
Asus ROG Phone 7 Audio test
Origem: DxOMark Inglês EN→PT
In the DXOMARK Audio tests, the gaming-oriented Asus ROG Phone 7 was an all-around great performer with an AeroActive Cooler feature that could give an additional boost to the sound experience when gaming. The Asus did very well both as a Playback device and when recording sound but was slightly held back by the lack of an audio zoom feature. Our experts also noticed some bass distortion with the built-in speakers. In Playback the ROG Phone 7 achieved the best results when listening to music but also did very well when watching movies or gaming. As a recording device it was best when filming video selfies but also achieved excellent results with the main camera and memo apps, making it an easy recommendation to any sound-focused smartphone user.
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 06/16/2023
90% ROG Phone 7 review: A highly priced but super phone for video gaming fans
Origem: Daily Star Inglês EN→PT
It’s IP54 splash and water resistant, has in-screen fingerprint and face recognition to unlock and comes in both black and white, with an epic see-through computer style design on the back to give it a cool gaming look. A great phone, ideal for gaming, but at a high price.
Análise única, Disponível online, Curta, Data: 04/27/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 90%
92% Asus ROG Phone 7 review
Origem: GSM Arena Inglês EN→PT
The ROG Phone 7 hasn't changed all that much compared to its predecessor, and that's neither a new nor a bad trend with Asus devices. There are a few specs touch-ups here and there, like the boosted display performance, but at its core, the ROG Phone 7 remains a very familiar device. It's a device still laser-focused on delivering the best possible mobile gaming experience. And Asus remains barely challenged for yet another year, with most manufacturers focusing on creating more mainstream products. Neither of these criticisms is that new or a true "showstopper," and fans of the ROG Phone line will know what they are getting into with the latest ROG Phone 7. The steep starting price of around €999 isn't new either. Though, given everything that the handset brings to the table, we might argue that it is downright competitive in the current market. We'd even say it's the more sensible purchase than its more expensive sibling - the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate. Coming with the same pedigree but offering a more affordable price, the ROG Phone 7 is the gaming champion to beat and an incredibly well-crafted device that gets two thumbs up from us.
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 04/19/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 92%
90% ASUS ROG Phone 7 review: The competitive edge
Origem: Android Authority Inglês EN→PT
The ASUS ROG Phone 7 is a specialist operator for serious mobile gamers searching for that extra competitive edge. Super stable performance, robust game customization options, and a host of rock-solid accessories elevate the experience far above your “regular” smartphone and help make a case for the ROG series’ continuation. It’s undoubtedly an option we’re happy to recommend to competitive mobile gamers in particular. One of the few remaining gaming phone alternatives packing equivalent processing hardware is the REDMAGIC 8 Pro ($849 at Amazon). It also packs a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, up to 512GB UFS 4.0 storage, and a huge 6,000mAh battery. It boasts competitive features like a 960Hz touch sample rate, LPDDR5X memory, a built-in cooling fan, capacitive shoulder triggers, and robust audio features, all at a far lower price. ASUS has the edge in software and extra features, though. The ASUS ROG Phone 7 is a specialist operator for the serious mobile gamer. Starting at €999, there’s no getting around the fact that the ASUS ROG Phone 7 is expensive, though. You can grab a Galaxy S23 Plus ($849.99 at Amazon) for a similar price, or a Galaxy S23 Ultra ($1169.99 at Amazon) instead of the even pricier ROG Phone 7 Ultimate. Either provides a more well-rounded flagship experience, particularly in the camera and features department, which includes an IP68 rating and wireless charging. These phones also pack solid processing hardware and offer decent gaming performance alongside a Game Launcher suite, and big batteries for all but the heaviest gamers. Of course, the ASUS ROG Phone 7 is built specifically for gamers who will make the most of the phone’s robust cooling, gamer-centric software, and even new bleeding edges ideas like AI-assistance X Sense. If you’re more of a casual player, you can save significant cash and pick up a better general-purpose phone for far less.
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 04/13/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 90%
100% Asus ROG Phone 7 review: gaming on a phone doesn't get better than this
Origem: T3 Inglês EN→PT
As I mentioned in the intro, the market for a gaming phone is niche. Most phones don't have this much horsepower, but there are only a handful of titles that will really demand it. If you're a casual gamer, there are probably better options out there for you. But if you've made it this far, you're probably not a casual gamer. You're probably a hardcore gamer who wants a phone that can offer a decent level of gameplay, for those times when you're away from your discerningly crafted setup. If that sounds like you, the ROG Phone 7 is probably the best option on the market right now. You can expect a truly stellar experience playing games, with a phone that is more than capable of handling the usual day-to-day tasks as well.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 04/13/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 100%
100% Test du smartphone Asus ROG Phone 7 : la meilleure chance de gagner pour les joueurs exigeants
Origem: Les Mobiles Francês FR→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 04/25/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 100%
Asus ROG Phone 7 et ROG Phone 7 Ultimate : une expérience gaming encore plus immersive
Origem: CNet France Francês FR→PT
Comparação, Disponível online, Média, Data: 04/13/2023
80% Test Asus ROG Phone 7 & ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, une évolution sur des détails
Origem: Journal du Geek Francês FR→PT
Comparação, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 04/13/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
Test Asus ROG Phone 7 – zapierające dech w piersiach wrażenia z rozgrywki mobilnej
Origem: Techno Senior Polonês PL→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 07/23/2023
90% ASUS ROG Phone 7 – recenzja. Czy to już smartfon kompletny?
Origem: Geex X-kom Polonês PL→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 05/23/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 90%
Najlepszy telefon dla graczy? ASUS ROG Phone 7
Origem: Techno Strefa Polonês PL→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 04/23/2023
Chơi game thì không có đối thủ, vậy cầm gaming phone đi chụp ảnh thì sẽ như nào?
Origem: Cell Phones VN→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 07/04/2023
Đánh giá Asus ROG Phone 7: Sinh ra nhằm phục vụ niềm đam mê game di động
Origem: FPT shop VN→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 05/24/2023
Mở hộp và trên tay Asus ROG Phone 7: Đúng chất điện thoại chơi game hàng đầu
Origem: FPT shop VN→PT
Hands-On, Disponível online, Média, Data: 05/23/2023
Trên tay ASUS ROG Phone 7 ở Việt Nam: Thế giới gaming trong tầm tay, mơ ước của mọi game thủ là đây!
Origem: Cell Phones VN→PT
Hands-On, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 04/14/2023
Trên tay ASUS ROG Phone 7: Thiết kế cực chất, đèn LED Aura RGB bắt mắt, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mạnh mẽ
Origem: The Gioididong VN→PT
Hands-On, Disponível online, Curta, Data: 04/13/2023
90% Test Asus Rog Phone 7
Origem: NO→PT
Comparação, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 04/21/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 90%
ROG Phone 7 review: cel mai performant, dar și cu autonomie record
Origem: →PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Curta, Data: 05/03/2023


Qualcomm Adreno 740:

Chip gráfico para smartphones e tablets que está integrado no SoC da Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. A Qualcomm afirma que é 25% mais rápido que o Adreno 730 no Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 e as primeiras referências mostram que a GPU pode vencer a Apple A16 iGPU (anteriormente a GPU smartphone mais rápida). 

Estas placas também devem ser capazes de agüentar todos os jogos atuais, mas a maioria deles em configurações de detalhes médios e baixos e com baixas resoluções. Jogos mais antigos, ou menos exigentes ainda podem ser jogados com boa qualidade de gráficos.

>> Mais informação pode ser encontrada na nossa Comparativa de de Placas de Vídeo e a Benchmark Lista.

SD 8 Gen 2:

SoC topo de gama para smartphones que foi introduzido no final de 2022 com um núcleo principal rápido baseado numa arquitectura ARM Cortex-X3 a correr até 3,2 GHz. Dois outros núcleos de alto desempenho são baseados no A715 e também suportam apenas aplicações de 64 bits. Os outros dois núcleos A710 também suportam aplicações de 32 bits, tal como os núcleos Cortex-A510 de baixo consumo de energia. Para além dos núcleos do processador, o SoC incorpora um modem WiFi 7, um Hexagon DSP (para aceleração de IA) e um Spectra ISP. O controlador de memória integrado suporta memória LPDDR5x rápida até 4200 MHz. 5G está incluído no chip com o modem Snapdragon X70.

>> Mais informação pode ser encontrada na nossa Comparativa de Processadores Móveis.

6.78": Apenas alguns smartphones têm telas maiores. 

Grandes tamanhos de tela permitem maiores resoluções. Portanto, detalhes como letras são maiores. Por outro lado, o consumo de energia é menor com diagonais de tela menores e os aparelhos são menores, mais leves e mais econômicos.
>> Para saber quão fina é uma tela, veja nossa lista DPI.

Asus: A ASUSTeK Computer Inc. é uma importante fabricante taiwanesa de hardware de computador com sede em Taipei, fundada em 1989. Sob a marca Asus, a empresa fabrica uma ampla gama de produtos, incluindo laptops, desktops, placas-mãe, placas gráficas, monitores, smartphones e equipamentos de rede, sistemas completos e componentes de PC para usuários finais.

Sob a marca ROG (Republic of Gamers), a ASUS fabrica laptops para jogos conhecidos pelos gamers por suas especificações poderosas, placas de vídeo dedicadas, telas de alta taxa de atualização e sistemas de resfriamento avançados.

Além dos jogos, uma ampla gama de notebooks é oferecida para diferentes necessidades e orçamentos, desde ultrabooks finos e leves até conversíveis 2 em 1 versáteis e opções econômicas. Em 2023, a Asus tinha uma participação de 7% no mercado global de PCs.

A satisfação dos clientes com os notebooks da ASUS diz respeito ao desempenho, aos recursos e à boa relação preço-desempenho dos notebooks da ASUS. Entretanto, como em qualquer marca, há relatos ocasionais de problemas como superaquecimento, compatibilidade de drivers ou problemas de qualidade de construção.

91.5%: Não existem muitos modelos que sejam avaliados melhor. A maioria das avaliações obtém resultados que são um pouco piores.

>> Mais informação pode ser encontrada na nossa Laptop Guia da Compra.


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Comparação de preços
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