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Especificações do Portátil

CAT S75 (S Serie)
MediaTek Dimensity 930 8 x 2 - 2.2 GHz, Cortex-A78 / A55
Placa gráfica
IMG BXM-8-256
6 GB 
6.58 polegadas 20:9, 2408 x 1080 pixel 401 PPI, capacitive Touchscreen, IPS LCD, gorilla glass Victus, HDR, 120 Hz
Disco rígido
128 GB UFS 2.2 Flash, 128 GB 
, 93 GB livre
1 USB 2.0, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), Conexões Audio: USB-C, Card Reader: microSD slot (up to 128GB), 1 Leitor de Impressões Digitais, NFC, Brightness Sensor, Sensores: acceleration sensor, gyroscope, proximity sensor, compass,, FM radio, miracast, OTG
Funcionamento em rede
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/), Bluetooth 5.1, Sattelite: 23/255/256; 5G: N1/N2/N3/N5/N7/N8/N20/N28/N38/N40/ N41/N75/N77/N78; 4G: 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28/32/38/39/40/41; 3G: 1/2/4/5/8; 2G: 2/3/5/8, Dual SIM, LTE, 5G, GPS
altura x largura x profundidade (em mm): 11.9 x 171 x 80
5000 mAh Lítio-Ion
wireless charging, fast charging / Quickcharge
Sistema Operativo
Android 12
Primary Camera: 50 MPix (f/​1.8, Videos @1080p/​30fps) + 8 MP (f/​2.2, wide angle lens) + 2 MP (f/​2.4, macro lens)
Secondary Camera: 8 MPix (f/​2.0)
Características adicionais
Alto falantes: Stereo, charger, USB cable, car adapter, info material, Cat UI, 24 Meses Garantia, widevine L1, fanless, ruggedized, waterproof
268 g
599 Euro



Pontuação Média: 76.52% - bom
Média de 11 pontos (das 18 análises)
preço: 75%, desempenho: 64%, características: 73%, pantalha: 74% mobilidade: 83%, processamento: 85%, ergonomia: 81%, emissões: 97%

Análises para o CAT S75

79.7% Análise do Caterpillar CAT S75 - Smartphone para uso externo com comunicação via satélite e câmera subaquática | Notebookcheck
O Cat S75 é um verdadeiro telefone robusto para uso externo com alta certificação IP e padrões de proteção militar. Entretanto, o destaque do smartphone Cat é a comunicação com satélites geoestacionários, que supostamente oferece vantagens sobre a chamada de emergência via satélite do Apple.
79% Cat S75 – Review
Origem: Cool Smartphone Inglês EN→PT
The CAT S75 in my mind ticks all of these boxes and then it adds the extras that will really appeal to outdoor users as well with the enhanced tracking functions and offline SMS services. however with the see all requiring extra costs, I think the amount of users that will be buying the phone specifically for those functions is somewhat niche. Now to be fair this is not the first ruggedised phone we have seen but it is one of the better-specified ones and the fact that the software is relatively unencumbered is a nice bonus. The only other widely available ruggedised phone I was able to find while doing this review in person was a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro which is actually no longer available but it has much weaker specs and is a much older model.
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 08/04/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 79% desempenho: 81% características: 90% processamento: 82%
80% CAT S75 review
Origem: Tech Advisor Inglês EN→PT
The critical takeaways from the S75 are that it is very robust, does have sufficient performance to deliver a decent user experience and, most important of all, the Bullitt Satellite Messaging solution works as advertised. Considering you need to be outdoors to position the phone for satellite comms, having a screen that worked better in bright sunlight might have made it even better, but workarounds can be found. The specification of the phone isn’t amazing, but it’s more than most users will need unless they’re using a graphically intensive app or gaming. However, the one silly mistake is that you can’t use a MicroSD in this phone alongside a conventional SIM and the one needed to make Bullitt work. If ever a phone needed an e-SIM capability, it was this one.
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 07/12/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
60% Cat S75 Review
Origem: Trusted Reviews Inglês EN→PT
The Cat S75 targets a specialised niche. Not everyone is going to require a phone that’s sealed and hardened to this degree, and its performance isn’t as good as cheaper phones from other manufacturers. The phone seems aimed at those who intend to get really lost and away from the beaten track in the wilds of Europe. Once the satellite service is widened to include more of the world, then it may become more useful for travellers, scientists, journalists or anyone else popping into the jungle away from phone coverage. Without the satellite messaging system it’s a mid-range phone that’s let down by having 6GB of RAM instead of 8, and by a GPU that seems a step down from the usual one found in Dimensity 900 phones. The tough exterior and waterproofing is nice to have, but they’re not enough to buy this phone over others if you’re looking for something to use all the time. Check out our Best Phones list for more options.
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 07/03/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 60%
CAT S75 by Bullitt – Unboxing
Origem: Cool Smartphone Inglês EN→PT
If you are interested in picking up a tough phone from CAT or more specifically the CAT s75 then you can do so from the CAT phones store now for £549. If however, you prefer your phones with Motorola branding then you can also pick this phone up as the Motorola Mobility made Defy 2 although I think this is limited to America’s at this time. As a small treat here is a link to the app satellite messaging app working as it should, not as I tried to demo unsuccessfully in the video above!!
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 06/30/2023
80% CAT S75 Rugged Phone review
Origem: Techradar Inglês EN→PT
CAT-branded phones aren’t a new thing. We previously covered lots of these Catapillar branded handsets, most recently the excellent S62 Pro. The S75 is a significant step up from the S62 Pro, having a bigger screen, better cameras, a larger battery and a much more powerful SoC. However, it still comes with the same 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage as its predecessor, which seems less than modern rugged designs now typically come.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 06/09/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80% preço: 80% desempenho: 60% características: 80% mobilidade: 60% processamento: 80%
80% Cat S75 review: the best rugged phone you can get
Origem: T3 Inglês EN→PT
There's no getting around the fact that the Cat S75 is a bit of a beast. It's hardwearing, robust, and ready to handle just about anything you can throw at it. If you live the kind of life that could also use those adjectives, this is probably a great option for you. If not, though, it might be a tougher sell. The Cat S75 isn't a bad phone, but there are certainly options out there with a more conventionally appealing spec sheet for similar money. With that being said, I still think it's worth consideration. The Satellite Messaging functionality alone is worth the cost of entry, and gives it an edge that nothing else has.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 06/01/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
Cat S75 Smartphone Review
Origem: OI Spice Tech News Inglês EN→PT
The Cat S75 smartphone comes in collaboration with the Bullitt group, and they have monthly and yearly plans to use two ways satellite communication features. You can download the official app to easily run those satellite messenger services. Though, the cost will depend on the carrier. For now, the Cat S75 is one of those rugged phones that comes with a slim and sturdy body with incredible features. Although those services are rolling out in North America and Europe, the company is expanding its services to other regions in the upcoming months. However, if you want a traditional rugged phone, you can check out Motorola Defy 2 as an alternative option.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 03/23/2023
Cat S75 Specifications, Pros and Cons
Origem: OI Spice Tech News Inglês EN→PT
The Cat S75 smartphone is a rugged phone that offers concrete drop resistance, water/dust resistance and Gorilla Glass Victus protection. This phone has a 6.6 inches Full HD screen and weighs around 268 g. Talking about the display, it comes with an IPS LCD display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The Cat S75 runs on the Android 12 operating system supported by a 6nm Mediatek Dimensity 930 chipset. In the case of a graphics company, provide IMG BXM-8-256 GPU to play games and watch high-quality videos. In the camera section, there is a 50MP main camera with dual LED flash, HDR and panorama support. For selfies, there is support for an 8MP wide-angle camera. Both cameras can record video at 1080p resolution without any gyroscope-EIS support. The main attraction of the phone is that it comes with emergency SOS satellite support. The Cat S75 packs a 5000mAh battery with 15W wireless charging support. Unfortunately, this phone is available in a single black color and has 6GB RAM with 128GB storage support. Talking about the price, it is available at $650 (Rs 54,990 in India) approx.
Análise única, Disponível online, Curta, Data: 03/18/2023
87% Caterpillar CAT S75 im Test: Das erste Android-Smartphone mit Satellitenfunk
Origem: Computerbild Alemão DE→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 07/07/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 87%
70% Review Cat S75: uno smartphone rugged ma non adatto a tutti
Origem: Igizmo Italiano IT→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 08/08/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 70%
CAT S75: in caso di bisogno, dove gli altri si fermano, lui usa i satelliti
Origem: Quotidiano Hardware Upgrade Italiano IT→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 07/31/2023
Recensione Cat S75: il primo Android con connessione satellitare
Origem: Italiano IT→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 07/18/2023
Recensione Bullitt Cat S75, il rugged con connessione satellitare
Origem: Techprincess IT Italiano IT→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 06/17/2023
Test CAT S75. Pancerny smartfon z funkcją komunikacji satelitarnej
Origem: Komputerswiat Polonês PL→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 08/03/2023
70% Recenzja CAT S75 – przyszłość „na przemysłowo”
Origem: Tabletowo Polonês PL→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 06/16/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 70%
80% Najlepszy pancerniak na rynku? Test i recenzja smartfonu Cat S75
Origem: Geex X-kom Polonês PL→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 06/16/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
Cat S75 - ez a macska életet menthet
Origem: MobilArena HU HU→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 07/19/2023
Pontuação: preço: 70% pantalha: 70% mobilidade: 100% processamento: 95%
76% Test: Cat S75 – Smidigare tålig med satellitkommunikation
Origem: SV→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 07/17/2023
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 76% pantalha: 70%


Imagination IMG BXM-8-256:

Alguns jogos atuais não tão exigentes podem ser jogados fluentemente com poucos detalhes.

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Dimensity 930:
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6.58": Apenas alguns smartphones têm telas maiores. 

Grandes tamanhos de tela permitem maiores resoluções. Portanto, detalhes como letras são maiores. Por outro lado, o consumo de energia é menor com diagonais de tela menores e os aparelhos são menores, mais leves e mais econômicos.
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76.52%: Esta avaliação não é convincente. Deve ser considerado que dificilmente existem portáteis que recebem uma avaliação abaixo de 60%. Este portátil é avaliado abaixo da média, esta realmente não é uma recomendação para a compra.

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