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Vivo V30 Pro

Especificações do Portátil

Vivo V30 Pro
Vivo V30 Pro (V30 Serie)
MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra 8 x 2 - 3.1 GHz, Cortex-A78 / A55
Placa gráfica
8 GB 
, or 12GB
6.78 polegadas 20:9, 2800 x 1260 pixel 453 PPI, Capacitive, AMOLED, Brilhante: sim, 120 Hz
Disco rígido
256GB / 512GB
USB-C Power Delivery (PD), NFC, Sensores: accelerometer, proximity, gyro, compass
Funcionamento em rede
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6/), Bluetooth 5.3, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, 5G, Dual SIM, GPS
altura x largura x profundidade (em mm): 7.5 x 164.4 x 75.1
5000 mAh Lítio-Ion
Sistema Operativo
Android 14
Primary Camera: 50 MPix (f/1.9, 23mm) + 50MP (2x optical zoom, f/1.9, 50mm) + 50MP (f/2.0, 15mm)
Secondary Camera: 50 MPix f/2.0, 20mm
Características adicionais
Teclado: OnScreen
188 g



Pontuação Média: 78.25% - bom
Média de 8 pontos (das 16 análises)
preço: 67%, desempenho: 63%, características: - %, pantalha: - % mobilidade: - %, processamento: 54%, ergonomia: - %, emissões: - %

Análises para o Vivo V30 Pro

vivo V30 Pro review: ZEISS is nice
Origem: Speed Magazine Inglês EN→PT
The vivo V30 Pro (12GB+512GB) retails for P34,999. You can get one at your nearest vivo concept store or kiosk or through the vivo website, Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop. Overall, the vivo V30 Pro is a great phone with its amazing AMOLED display, a massive battery with fast charging capabilities, a sleek and curved design, and, of course, an excellent set of cameras powered by ZEISS with a useful portrait lighting system. All these make the vivo V30 Pro a compelling choice, offering a comprehensive and refined package that meets the demands of modern smartphone users in 2024.
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 04/01/2024
80% Vivo V30 Pro Review: A mid-range camera powerhouse
Origem: Android Headlines Inglês EN→PT
The Vivo V30 Pro is primarily a phone for camera and photography enthusiasts, though it is no slouch in other areas. It gives you excellent cameras and a decent overall package. You get an amazing display, a big battery with fast charging, a sleek and curved design, good battery life, and a highly customizable software experience. The everyday performance of the phone is also in the expected lines, though it isn’t quite suited for long hours of intense gaming. Depending on your needs, you may find something better in this segment.
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 03/22/2024
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
vivo V30 Pro 5G Review
Origem: Yugatech Inglês
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 03/20/2024
80% Vivo V30 Pro Review – Zeiss goes mid-range
Origem: Amateur Photographer Inglês EN→PT
There is a lot to like about the V30 Pro. You get a lot of interesting specifications for your money, and on the whole it’s a very good performer. Image quality is good in most situations, and while not perfect in low light, for the price point it delivers well enough for social media and small prints. The portrait mode has some interesting options, and again, although it’s not perfect, it’s fun to use and creates good results a lot of the time. The body of the phone, being so thin and light, perhaps makes it appealing to those looking for something aesthetically pleasing, while it’s a bonus that this slimness hasn’t meant a reduction in battery size. Of course, the biggest downside of the V30 Pro is its availability. While it’s great for the limited markets that it’s currently on sale in, the rest of the world has to do without.
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 03/20/2024
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
64% Vivo V30 Pro review: The Aura of Zeiss comes to Vivo V-series, but all isn’t good
Origem: Think Digit Inglês EN→PT
If you want a flagship-level camera without spending money on a flagship phone, the Vivo V30 Pro is for you. If you want a party trick with the Aura Light or want to flaunt your style, the Vivo V30 Pro is for you. But if you are someone who wants the best value for money without caring much about the camera and style, then there are better options available at a lesser price. Vivo has launched the Vivo V30 series to take its mid-range camera capabilities to the next level. This year, Vivo has gone a step ahead not only in terms of offering a bigger aura light that will light up your subject better, Vivo is also bringing the Zeiss mastery to its mid-range smartphones with the Vivo V30 Pro and I couldn’t be more excited. Yes, it all comes with a price. The Vivo V30 Pro, although a mid-range smartphone, is an expensive one at that.
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 03/19/2024
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 64% preço: 67% desempenho: 63% processamento: 54%
Vivo V30 Pro review: Flagship-grade imaging system in a slender form factor
Origem: Business Standard Inglês EN→PT
The Vivo V30 Pro smartphone presents remarkable imaging capabilities alongside sleek and premium design. Despite its higher price point, it stands as a compelling choice for individuals in search of a camera-centric device boasting nearly flagship-level imaging features without surpassing the Rs 50,000 threshold. Moreover, its capacity to serve as a reliable daily driver, offering ample performance for everyday tasks, reinforces its appeal. However, customers prioritising a more balanced performance across various aspects may opt to explore alternative options within the segment.
Análise única, Disponível online, Curta, Data: 03/13/2024
Vivo V30 Pro Review
Origem: Trusted Reviews Inglês EN→PT
The Vivo V30 Pro is probably the best photographic performer in its price bracket right now. The last few generations have impressed with flawless selfies, but now the rear cameras are highly impressive, too. Especially the main sensor, which is capable of capturing flagship-level images with lovely Zeiss-backed image processing and effects. As usual, though, the lack of availability dampens things. If you live in a supported region, like Thailand or Indonesia, it’s an absolute bargain, but elsewhere, you’d need to import – and most people won’t be willing to go to such lengths for a midrange handset.
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 03/08/2024
80% Vivo V30 Pro review
Origem: Tech Advisor Inglês EN→PT
If you’re looking for a photographic performer that doesn’t break the bank, the Vivo V30 Pro is an excellent choice. It’s especially true if you like to take a lot of selfies, or portrait shots of people, as that’s where this Zeiss-backed camera system really shines. The phone is solid in other areas too, I wasn’t left wanting performance, the battery life is great and it charges in a flash. There’s something to be said for the slim build, too. The styling isn’t exactly to my taste, but I’m sure plenty of people will love it, and it definitely stands out in a crowded market. Of course, this only applies if you can get your hands on it. If you can, it’s a bit of a bargain, but otherwise, most people aren’t going to be willing to go to the lengths of importing a mid-range handset. It’s a real shame because otherwise, it’s a very compelling option for the price.
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 03/08/2024
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
80% Vivo V30 Pro review: Most versatile camera system in its segment
Origem: The Indian Express Inglês EN→PT
If you’re looking for a photography powerhouse that won’t break the bank, the Vivo V30 Pro should be at the top of your list. That highly versatile quad 50MP camera setup will let you capture stunning shots in any scenario – and you’ll particularly love this phone if you’re fond of clicking photos of your friends at fancy events with tricky lighting conditions. And despite that massive 6.78-inch display, clever ergonomics make this big boy surprisingly easy to grip and wield. Sure, a few cost-cutting measures like the buzzy haptics and lack of stereo speakers are minor bummers. And if the Pro’s price feels like a stretch, Vivo’s standard V30 is also available for less cash. You’ll miss out on that killer 50MP telephoto camera, but gain the arguably more reliable Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset under the hood.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 03/07/2024
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
Vivo V30 Pro review: all about four 50MP cameras
Origem: 91mobiles Inglês EN→PT
The Vivo V30 Pro proves that mid-premium smartphones can be fun to use even without native generative AI features. Of course, those features would give it an edge, but we may have to wait for another until those become mainstream. Purely for cameras, the Vivo V30 Pro offers a host of options well-suited for upcoming creators and regular users. The 5,000mAh battery with 80W charging may also attract customers who value solid battery backup and fast charging. However, performance-focused users may seek a more powerful chipset, and for that, the iQOO Neo 9 Pro (review) is a great choice. AI-focused users can consider the Pixel 7a (review). If you’re okay with an older chipset and a single speaker, but value great cameras, the Vivo 30 Pro is a solid choice.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 03/07/2024
80% Vivo V30 Pro review: Svelte design, stunning cameras
Origem: Android Central Inglês EN→PT
It's hard to carve out a niche in the mid-range segment, but Vivo managed to do just that with the V30 Pro. Thanks to three 50MP cameras at the back and another 50MP lens up front, the V30 Pro delivers a versatile camera package that you just don't get on any other device other than true flagships, and that gives the device a legitimate edge. If anything, I'm surprised Samsung and Xiaomi haven't thought of doing this already. Come to think of it, there aren't many faults with the V30 Pro; the design is absolutely stunning — you should just get the Bloom White model — the battery lasts all day, the screen is great to use, and the device is significantly thinner than any other 2024 phone. Vivo turned its software efforts around as well, and Funtouch OS 14 is clean and has a lot of useful features.
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 03/06/2024
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
Vivo V30 Pro Unboxing & V30 5G Comparison | Camera, Gaming & Beyond!
Origem: Tech Spurt Inglês
There's a lot of difference between the Vivo V30 Pro and that 5G model, starting with the camera setup. The primary shooter uses a different 50MP sensor, with Zeiss branding - while there's also a portrait lens for family snaps. But the regular Vivo V30 5G is still a banger that'll happily sort most everyday photographers. The Vivo V30 Pro will also suit gamers with its excellent Genshin Impact skills, playing even the most intensive games with a brilliant frame rate. Battery life is brilliant on both however, while you also get the same great AMOLED screen. But also the same mediocre mono speaker.
Comparação, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 02/28/2024
Vivo V30 Pro Review - The Mid-Ranger With ZEISS!
Origem: TechTablets Inglês
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 02/28/2024
80% Vivo V30 Pro review: selfie-centred
Origem: Stuff TV Inglês EN→PT
The V30 Pro is an impressively well-rounded mid-ranger, with decent performance, respectable battery life and a great screen. Styling looks the part too – but photography is what really sets it apart. The three rear cameras punch above their weight, with great range and effective portrait lighting. I have a few grumbles, and image quality isn’t miles ahead of similarly-priced rivals, but it’s still a very good performer. The usual Vivo caveats apply: unless you live in India, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, it’ll be very difficult to get hold of one. And once you do, it’ll take some time to strip all the bloatware apps out of FunTouch OS. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of fantastic mid-range alternatives, either.
Análise única, Disponível online, Longa, Data: 02/28/2024
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 80%
82% vivo V30 Pro review
Origem: GSM Arena Inglês EN→PT
Finding any particular glaring fault with the vivo V30 Pro is hard. Sure, it is not exactly a cheap device, but it's not 2024 premium flagship money either. And, in keeping with tradition, vivo has packed some pretty impressive hardware into the V30 Pro's very thin and eye-catching curvy body. Particularly, we just have to point out the camera setup. A quad 50MP camera setup with autofocus all around is just not something you see every day. The V30 Pro has incredible camera chops, especially when it comes to portrait shots, be it at 1x with the main camera, 2x with the telephoto or even the impressively wide and sharp selfie camera. The V30 Pro also does great in low-light conditions. If vivo fixes up its EIS implementation, the V30 Pro would be a no-brainer for an all-around amazing cameraphone able to rub shoulders with much more expensive devices.
Análise única, Disponível online, Muito longa, Data: 02/28/2024
Pontuação: Pontuação total: 82%
Vivo V30 Pro - recenzja, test, opinia i dane techniczne
Origem: Unite4buy Polonês PL→PT
Análise única, Disponível online, Média, Data: 03/01/2024


ARM Mali-G610 MP6:

GPU de médio alcance com 6 núcleos e baseado na segunda geração da arquitetura Valhall.

Alguns jogos atuais não tão exigentes podem ser jogados fluentemente com poucos detalhes.

>> Mais informação pode ser encontrada na nossa Comparativa de de Placas de Vídeo e a Benchmark Lista.

Dimensity 8200-Ultra: O Dimensity 8200-Ultra é um processador de médio porte com um modem 5G integrado. A CPU integra quatro núcleos ARM Cortex-A78 rápidos com até 3,1 GHz e quatro núcleos Cortex-A55 eficientes com até 2 GHz. Ela é fabricada no moderno processo de 4nm. A versão Ultra é uma versão especial em cooperação com a Xiaomi.
>> Mais informação pode ser encontrada na nossa Comparativa de Processadores Móveis.

6.78": Apenas alguns smartphones têm telas maiores. 

Grandes tamanhos de tela permitem maiores resoluções. Portanto, detalhes como letras são maiores. Por outro lado, o consumo de energia é menor com diagonais de tela menores e os aparelhos são menores, mais leves e mais econômicos.
>> Para saber quão fina é uma tela, veja nossa lista DPI.

78.25%: Esta avaliação não é convincente. Deve ser considerado que dificilmente existem portáteis que recebem uma avaliação abaixo de 60%. Este portátil é avaliado abaixo da média, esta realmente não é uma recomendação para a compra.

>> Mais informação pode ser encontrada na nossa Laptop Guia da Compra.


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Comparação de preços
Stefan Hinum (Update: 2024-04- 1)